The game’s facebook page is growing! Check it out and tell your friends ;)

The game’s facebook page is growing! Check it out and tell your friends ;)

Updated level design and graphics

Touching up some parts of the scenario today. Not only visually, but also rethinking some of the level design.

Although this is still a work in progress (specially the lighting), I believe that I’m getting very close to what I’m aiming for. Some of the models on these screenshots are placeholders.

As for the level design changes, there was a sequence on which the player had to jump from one platform to another, in a kind of megaman wall-climb way. After reviewing this sequence, I decided that it was not very intuitive and basically weird.

I replaced that wall climbing sequence with this elevator on the screenshot above. It’s much simpler and although it doesn’t require any special abilities from the player, it adds to the environment and feels better and more like Nebula should.

It lurks in the shadows…

It lurks in the shadows…

Hey fellas, what’s crackin?

I’ve been very busy working on the game, and it’s hard to keep this devblog as up to date as I would like to. Anyway, I just finished the animations, graphics, sound effects and programming for the welding machine. Here’s a gif (remember, it’s pronounced ‘jif’ :P) :


By the way, this door is on this place just for demonstration purposes. Also, the weldable doors are going  to be a bit different.

For anyone wondering, this game is being programmed exclusively with blueprints. Not even a single C++ line so far.

This is it for today, keep tuned for more info. I’m still working on the promised video showing a lot of new content, I just have to figure out some bugs first.

Hey guys, what’s up?

I’m here today with another update showing the progress on the game.

So, some parts of the ship are so damaged that the artificial atmosphere is gone. And for that, our hero will need a special suit so she can survive on this harsh environment.

I now present you the ingame model of the Atmospheric Suit:


This is, of course, still a work in progress. I’m working on a video showing a lot of new things gameplay related, new enemies, upgrades and even a jetpack.

All I have to say is that I’m very excited about the game development and I have to say thanks to Epic Games for making Unreal Engine 4 so well.

Peace guys, stay classy.

Hi everyone, I’m here today to show the ingame model of a Bardug, an insect-like enemy.


There’s not much to say about this guy, except he will be a pain in the ass, flying around and charging at the player with its evil claws. I’m working on the AI right now and hopefully I’ll be able to post a video or maybe a gif to show you guys a little more about it. 

Here she is, the spaceship where the game takes place.

Behold the PANGEA.


Click here for a high-res turntable animation (webm, 7mb).

The PANGEA is an extremely large space ark designed by One Hope Industries to serve as a habitat to preserve civilization and knowledge while the human race looks for a new planet to be colonized. 


For all we know, the ark had been set to travel to a given location far away. Since the journey will take several decades, all 15,000 refugees rely upon sleep-pods to keep them alive until the ark arrives at its destination. In addition to the sleep-pods, the ship also carries a great number of Earth’s lifeforms, such as plants, plants’ seeds, bacteria, and animals’ embryos, safely stored in special labs. Apart from that, there’s plenty of supplies and other colonization materials and equipment, such as terraforming machinery.

Hey everyone. New gameplay video, check it out:

NEBULA prototype gameplay from bruno araujo on Vimeo.

There’s a lot of things going on and I just wanted to show you guys that the prototype is starting to look and feel more like a game.

Again, this is all work in progress. Stay tuned for more updates!

I bring you more good news today: Now we can aim up and down and also switch between a laser sight for better aiming or a flashlight for better viewing.

lazor gif


I’m happy to announce that we can now shoot.


This is the base programming for the weapon, so it’s still not polished, but it works!